We will always start the process with conversation.
It’s important that we understand the vision. Your needs, wants, budget and the block. In order to begin designing all these things need to be clear and transparent
so that the best design outcome can be reached.
Saint George Modern Constructions works with client and architectural professionals to achieve your design outcomes.



Saint George Modern Constructions will assist in connecting you with the correct professionals if you don’t already have them.
We will need to understand your block and have a full analysis. So having soil tests and surveyors is an essential step in starting the design process to ensure that the vision will meet the reality.
Having all the information at the beginning will minimize any unexpected surprises and allow for transparency. This will allow our estimators to cost your project more accurately once the design is completed.
If you don’t already have an architect we can recommend one of our many professional collaborators that will suit your design tastes.
We will then work closely with your architect to ensure that we can reach the vision and budget.


Once all your design and documentation has been completed we can contract your build.
We will help guide you through the pre-construction process


Saint George Modern Constructions will then book you in for an appointment with our Design team to assist you in selecting all your material & finishes for your bespoke home.<br/>
Your hand will be held through this process and our Interior Designer will facilitate you all the way.<br/>
All selections will be documented and then signed off by you ready for construction.


So now that we have the design and specifications all sorted its time for the handwork to start.
We will assist in obtaining the building permit, order all materials. We will introduce you to your site manager.
During the construction we adopt realistic timelines and adhere to high quality benchmarks for workmanship.
You will be kept appraised of the progress of your build at each milestone stage.